Adenium 3 : Hybridization Part 2
Tuesday, 29 March 2011 11:39

Adenium Hibrida

There are several varieties of Adenium produced through inter species or cross breeding techniques. This activities have been done by they who have hobby in flowers (centers are in Taiwan, Thailand, and USA).
1. Hybrid Arabicum (Arabicum mix)
This is a cross breeding product between low land and high land species of  Adenium arabicum and no one can trace back where it originates. However, this variety product has become a common trading commodity in Adenium community.
  • Adenium Thai soco
Thai Soco 1Thai Soco 2
This is the most expensive Adenium flower and it costs IDR 22000 - 25000 for each seeds (Seeds! Not Flowers!). This type is not easy to be propagated and the most beautiful type of Adenium usually has very compact branches, even it was not planted intensively.  It has been claimed that it originates from Thailand (othis is the reason why it has name Thai Soco) and this type is calssified as an elite type of  Adenium  flowers.  A top class collector can spend almost IDR 390 Million to get a winner contest of Adenium recently!
  • PNW
This Arabicum species is a very best product for developing bonsai trees (dwarfed trees) . With its succulent branches and lush, this type is the most Adenium product hunted by collectors.
  • PMK (Peth Muang Kong)
This is an Arabicum with the name of the city where it originates in Thailand
  • Black Giant
First Cross breeding product of Arabicum. It gained the name 'black' becuase the color of the branches and the humps.
  • Black Knight
This Arabicum has darker color that first generation, Black Giant. It is not easy to get a perfect balck color of this type and it makes it  expensive.
  • Yak kasset
The uniqueness of this  Arabicum is that it has round shaped-leaves and it is rare flower.

To be contineud to Part 3

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